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goodbye paper.hello style.the benefits of reusable fabric gift bags

Our guilt-free fabric gift wrap is a collection of reusable
drawstring bags that make wrapping a cinch—
just pack the bag, pull the drawstring, tie a bow
and you’re done. All in less than 10 seconds.

• No scissors
• No tape
• No sorting through tired-looking paper gift bags

You have a sense of style and you certainly
don’t want to give it up to go green. We’ve got
you covered with lots of hip (not hippy) styles
to choose from.

• Fun color combinations
• Modern lines
• Timeless design

LivingEthos cloth gift wrap is a great way to eliminate waste — no more hauling heaps of unrecyclable gift wrap
to the curb after the holiday. We designed the bags to last for decades and through hundreds of reuses,
so that after each holiday or special event, all you do is fold them up and stash them away until your next
gift-giving event. Or better yet, put them to creative reuse—they’re perfect for keeping all those loose toys
from taking over the living room.

• Reduce your waste
• Reduce your carbon footprint (fewer trucks to haul your trash around)
• Save a tree
That’s why we pay extra attention to the finishing of our bags. After all, quality is just as important to us
as style and doing right by the planet.

• Drawstring grosgrain ribbon creates a decorative gathered top
• All inside seams are finished
• Bottom gusset helps our gift bags sit up straight
• Even the buttonhole edges are finished to eliminate fraying

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